Friday, December 9, 2011

Kids today at Christmas

With the Christmas season coming up faster then I can afford I've been thinking about a lot of things.  Christmas always depresses, mostly because I'm missing all the people who are no longer.  It's also hard on me because of how materialistic we've become.  This is supposed to be the season of love and peace, but instead it's all about who can buy their kid the most expensive toy.

When I was a kid I only got a couple of toys and few new outfits.  We didn't have a lot of money and I didn't get spoiled.  Yes there were a few times when I would go to friends houses and see their piles of presents and get a little pang of jealousy but what I looked forward to more then anything was getting to see my family.  There was so much laughter and food.  The food!  Ahhhh how I miss my grandma's cooking.  That woman could make a shoe taste good.   

My poor neglected children only get three presents wrapped under the tree, and whatever little items I can fit in their stockings.  They've never complained about it, because it's all they've known.  There are no cell phones, no computers, and no $400-$500 video game systems under my tree.  One gift is toy for fun, one is something practical that they need, and one is an educational toy.  I refuse to spoil my kids. 

My wish for everyone is that they spend a little more time loving their family and a little less time on material items.  Don't just open your presents and go your separate ways.  Sit down and read a Christmas story.  Make some hot chocolate and sit down and just talk and be together.  The greatest gift you can give your kids is time.  They might complain at first but these are the memories they will always keep in their heart.  They won't remember what you bought them, but they will remember that time spent together.

Happy Holidays to you and yours! 



  1. I remember not getting much for the holidays, but I wouldn't trade the laughter in our home for anything. It's how I became who I am. I'd much rather be rich in love and memories than rich in cash and presents..... But if you know how I can get both... I'm listening. :D

  2. Same with mine. This year we didnt even put up decorations due to not wanting to spend more money on things with all our med. bills...All kids need to learn christmas is more of a family gathering and cherish time to close off the year.. :)

  3. Well said Panda,The best memories i have as a child are the ones with family.I can't really remember what i got for x-mas.But i do recall the laughter,fights,and shannigans....Loved it.

  4. very well put. i remember the fights i=on christmas and i love those memories. thank you for sharing, i look forward to many more from you :) ~leslie